Show the world

what you’re made of

Bring on business with that fresh and fearless voice you’ve been looking for. Powerful web and email copy that commands attention, champions your cause, and holds your audience captive.

Go brilliant. Go bold. Go Behold. 

 Be heard like these smart businesses.

You need a voice that rings with
color, character, and confidence.

A voice that isn’t afraid to sound clever and charismatic. Or engaging or electric or edgy.

A voice that’ll cut through the noise, make your websites sing, and your emails whoop.

Does anyone on G-d’s good earth do DIFFERENT?

Thought you’d never ask.

Pink globe stand

Chaya Daniela at your service,
grit, guts, and all.

And look at that, she’s a humanoid. With Authentic Intelligence.

I’m here to indulge you and your business with powerful, persuasive copy that engages your wanna-buyers, rips through competition, and increases your bottom line.

“She’s got a wicked way with words.”

“Chaya Daniela was able to convey the work I do with all the force of the English language, her passion and her ingenuity. She nailed the therapy process beautifully and delivered her points with strength. Weeks later, Mishpacha readers were still raving. She definitely knows how to get you on the map.”

-Sarah Kahan, LCSW, featured in Family First

“Precise, powerful, very real.”

“I hired Chaya Daniela to write our website because I knew she would get it done brilliantly. What I didn’t know was how authentic and detailed the research would be, or how empowered I would personally feel reading the copy. I felt like my voice was heard, validated, and communicated in the clearest way possible. This is us and this is what we do, and I’m so proud to lead it.”

-Malky Bergstein, Director of Ichud High School

There’s nothing quite like knowing exactly what you want to say and—

Having the words fail you somewhere between your frontal lobe and the computer.

Wishing you could command your online audience like you can your boardroom.

Frantically praying to be endowed with some catchy one-liner that’s easier to read than ignore.

and falling painfully short of communicating anything
more sophisticated than “argh.”

Pink typewriter

That’s why He created intellectually curious, highly tenacious copywriters who are intensely interested in human motivation and influential messaging.

Because I believe the world needs better leaders and groundbreakers, I want you to sound stronger, smarter, and savvier.

I write fresh (and slightly edgy) copy for force-of-nature brands and professionals who are perfectly content to change the world — tomorrow morning, 9 o’clock sharp.

Be there.

Awesome clients deserve
awesome copy.

Ready for impact?

If you appreciate high-quality writing, hard work, straight talk, and high-fives, we should definitely schmooze.

High-quality writing

Natural talent and years of grading English papers will only get you so far in copywriting (trust me, I’ve tried). The hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars I’ve invested in mastering copy best practices from the biggest names in the industry took me from pretty writing to powerful, profitable messaging. It was a good-“cents” decision that I’m thrilled to pass on to you.

“Chaya Daniela managed to intuit exactly what my agency is all about — and her copy clearly reflects that. I actually got my website on track after waiting many years, paying loads of money, and getting nowhere. She’s professional, capable, and thoroughly invested in doing a great job.”

-Pesi Orlander, Aim High, Founder and Executive Director

Hard work

Lucky for you, I’m of the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-work philosophy. I can’t help but put in the max and then some, taking your vision to cherry-on-the-top fruition. When I write, I’m on fire.

“From the first phone call I felt like I had someone I can work with. I had a very rough idea of what I wanted, but she took our project and ran with it. I was blown away by her talent and the quality of her work. What was especially incredible was the way she conducted interviews. She really dove into the depths of troubled teenage boys and spoke to parents and students in a way that most people wouldn’t have the guts to. She’s very gifted.”

-Rabbi Ari Katz, Rosh Yeshiva, Kollel Ribnitz

Straight talk

 I don’t beat around bushes. And I don’t expect you to either. We can word-swashbuckle if you want, though. That’ll be fun.

“I’ve used her brochure at conferences and events and we’ve received excellent responses. She’s easy to work with and talented. We were on a tight deadline and I needed someone quick, responsive, and able to deliver. Great experience!”

-Aimee Baron, M.D. Founder and Director of I Was Supposed To Have a Baby


Count on lotsa laughter, humor, and regular infusions of heady endorphins at BeholdCopy. Provided gratis with the purchase of any package.

“Mrs. Bronshteyn is an excellent writer, and she understands what you need quickly. For years I wanted to do a website, and she got our team to move ahead. The website is highly professional. She is on top of her game, and you’ll have a great experience.”

-Rabbi Moshe Twerski, Executive Director, Ichud Mosdos Hachinuch

You are a force to be reckoned with.
Work with me and you’ll never forget it.

“She had me convinced that my work is awesome!”

“Chaya Daniela got me and my voice. She was so passionate, she had ME convinced that my work is awesome! She was our cheerleader and our coach — we really felt we had her on our team. We’re so grateful for this journey, it’s been incredibly valuable. And I literally drool over her copy. Her style and work are amazing!”

-Rivka Stern, Founder, Current Issues, Ardent Education

“Blown away. Signing up!”

“Just launched the website, everyone was so impressed by Chaya Daniela’s work. Even my friend who’s an editor-in-chief of a prominent magazine was blown away. My graphic designer read the copy and said she feels like signing up her own child to the program!”

-Charne Herzog, Founder, NeuroTechnics

 Discover that fusion of fun and feisty, fearless
and fervent, furious and fabulous.

Copy that spotlights your brand in all its glory.

Pink spotlight

Websites for Winners

You need an online headquarters that builds brand awareness and breathes authority. Professional, but not stuffy. Personal, but not creepy. A website that inspires trust and promises triumph. The hero hangout, the angel haven, or the do-gooder hub. A piece of cyberspace that’s all yours.

Projects start at


(one-page site/landing

Emails for Enthusiasts

You need emails that’ll drive subscribers bumper to bumper and keep them rubberneck-riveted. How? With lots of research, personality, and some well-placed persuasion strategy. Scroll, scroll, scroll, screech. Ahh, the sound of slammed brakes and opened emails.

Projects start at


(5 emails)

Ads for the Ambitious

You need ads with hit-’em-between-the-ribs evocative messaging. Revolutionizing magazine-flipping with pattern interrupt and standout copy that catches, corners, and converts. Go for the gut, so they go for the gelt.

Projects start at


(3 ad campaign)

The Course Creator Package

Get all the copy you need to launch your online course strategically and successfully.


(1 sales page + 5 emails + 1 FREE Ad)

 All packages include research, competitive analysis, and client interviews.

“A masterpiece.”

“Well thought-out, original, organized, professional. Honestly the best mohel website out there. She really did her research, developed a strong sales pitch and created a masterpiece.”

-Rabbi Shimon Weissberger, Mohel

“A masterpiece.”

“Well thought-out, original, organized, professional. Honestly the best mohel website out there. She really did her research, developed a strong sales pitch and created a masterpiece.”

-Rabbi Shimon Weissberger, Mohel

What happens when you book?

(besides experiencing a spike in adrenaline)

You talk

In a kickoff call, we review your discovery questionnaire, and discuss your copy needs and goals for your project. We begin prepping our strategy and mapping the game plan.

I research
and write

To get insight into your business, I do full-scale industry research — interviews, surveys, and competitive analysis. Then comes my fave — wireframing and writing your copy.

We call it a happy day

We unveil your copy and its foundational strategy in real-time. And of course, I revise and edit your copy until we’re sure we’ve optimized all that’s good and glorious about your business.

From the stands

Project timeline is 4-6 weeks.
Don’t want to wait for the local?
Consider taking the express.

For $375 get the
pull-out-all-the stops offer

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1 print ad


1 cold pitch or standalone email


1 Website audit

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Remind me why I care about good copy, Chaya Daniela?

You could make do with a scrappy website, self-centered emails, and jargony ads that scream ChatGPT dependency and wishy-washy authority. You could also kill your conversion rates and get your would-be’s clicking off like nobody’s business.

Or you can do it once — and do it right.

Because good, memorable copy

“Everything you need in a

“When someone creates something for you, you want to see that they’re confident in their craft. There was this sense of trust — she knows what she’s talking about, so I’m going with what she says.  Chaya Daniela knew how to capitalize and communicate the strengths of our program.  She’s passionate, professional, efficient, clear, funny, linguistically smart — everything you need in a copywriter.”

-Nechama Lichtenstein, Director, Lead Remedial

You’re driven, dedicated, and awfully determined.
Don’t trust your business and voice to just anyone.

“She’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

-Malky Bergstein, Director of Ichud High School

 Get powerful copy that does you justice.

Make your brand a hero.


This is the place where you surreptitiously hand me your email address in a black suitcase, three park benches to the left of the statue of David Ogilvy.

In exchange I slip you fresh and funny copy tips designed to make you lose that straight face.

Watch out for regular emails in the summer months, none in March and April, and several in the weeks leading up to my birthday. Seriously looking forward.